During busy summers, your parking lot may be the last thing on your mind.


Safety, aesthetics, and saving money all point to consistently checking and updating your property’s asphalt conditions. Here are a few things you can do to ensure small imperfections don’t turn into big, expensive problems.

Crack Filling

Crack filling involves inserting asphalt material into cracks to prevent water from traveling below the surface. If water infiltrates the crack, it will expand in cold weather, erode asphalt elements, and soften the foundation, exacerbating the crack.

The Federal Highway Administration Manual of Practice says, “Cracks are inevitable, and neglect leads to accelerated cracking and potholing, further reducing pavement serviceability.

Seal Coating

Seal coating is a preventative maintenance technique that rejuvenates the asphalt, adding years to its life cycle.  Sealing provides a protective coating to the surface in order to protect against elements like water and U.V. damage, while adding aesthetic appeal to your facility.


Asphalt patching is the process of repairing potholes or other unearthed areas. In general, pot holes are made worse as cars and trucks drive through them, making them bigger and deeper. Quick pothole repairs help to ensure the imperfection is contained, and prevents further deterioration that leads to a more expensive and larger job.


For all of your asphalt repair, patching, seal coating, and crack filling needs, ATC CORP is ready to answer your questions and help determine if your property is a candidate for repair. Contact us for a free visit today!

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